Dear Iran, Lighten the Fuck Up!

-by Billco

The Islamic Republic of Iran, if that wasn't an insult in itself, has once again reminded the world about that big ol' chip on its shoulder. I quote the L.A. Times:

Some Iranians were irked by the depiction of ancient Persians in the film "300" as well as actor Mickey Rourke ripping up an Iranian flag during a scene in "The Wrestler".

Javad Shamaqdari, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's cultural advisor, said an apology should be made before the group was allowed any meeting with ranking officials.

Ohhh... OHHH! Right, so you're trying to tell me the Persians from 2500 years ago were NOT a race of barbaric warmongers that invaded the great majority of what we now call the Middle East ? Oh, ok, sure! FUCK HISTORY! I get it...

And you're also trying to tell me that an actor, playing the role of a guy who puts on a funny outfit and parades around as an alpha-male caricature, putting on staged shows of exaggerated fighting for primal entertainment, is directly responsible for insulting an entire race and culture by tearing a piece of cloth in half ? Hey, I'm easy. FUCK LOGIC! Makes sense...

And finally, you're trying to tell me that an apology from a group of wholly unrelated people is going to make it all better ? Hey, wait a goddamned minute YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT!

Talk to me when you've cut your preferred mythological corpus out of the name of your country. Do we go around parading "The Protestant Democracy of Canada" or "The Southern-Baptist Idiocracy of America" ? First of all, that's not fair to those religions. What the fuck does a book written a couple thousand years ago have to do with the daily embarrasments of a political regime ? And second, who are you to decide what your MILLIONS of citizens take as reality ? In case you hadn't noticed, there's a whole world out there, full of different people. I know for a fact, a shitload of them are Muslims. I'm even willing to bet a lot of them saw "The Wrestler", and as they were watching that one scene they whispered

Aww shit, those religious fanatics are going to have a field day over this. I read the exact same book and I didn't go crazy, what the fuck?!

By hiding behind your religion like cowards, you're the ones giving Islam a bad rep. If your feelings are so fragile that you are profoundly hurt by comic books and middle-aged small-town entertainers, I'm afraid you're simply not big enough to face the evils of the real world. If the lessons of Muslim faith can make you a better person, I'm all for it. If it makes you into an international douchebag, well buddy you can cry my a river and wipe your tears with that hypersensitive flag of yours. You're like that ginger kid who keeps walking into door frames "WAHHH the door attacked me!".

Verdict: 10 RIPPED FLAGS out of 10!