Hosting @ Fnarg

Because I can

That's right, Fnarg is offering web hosting and development services.

Please contact me with your site details for a quote. I offer shared hosting as well as managed dedicated servers, covering a broad range of needs and budgets.

If you register your domains from me, DNS hosting is included!

What are the rules ?

There's one main rule: keep it legal! I'm a very liberal kind of guy, but I don't like cops knocking down my door at 4 a.m.

Things I allow

If I object to any content, I will discuss it with you by email or phone, and only remove the content if it is absolutely necessary. I really hate censorship, so as long as you stay out of trouble, we'll be fine.

Things I do NOT allow

Again, if you cross a line, I'll politely let you know and lay out your options. If you refuse to adjust or remove the offending content within a reasonable time frame (typically 7 days), I reserve the right to terminate your account with prejudice. I don't want legal trouble, that's all.

Lastly, if you are caught deliberately and repeatedly breaking the rules, I reserve the right to terminate your account immediately without refund. Unfortunately, some imbeciles have tested my limits in the past. I will only consider such rash action in the most extreme cases, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I assure you, it's still a far better outcome than getting sued and/or turned over to the authorities.

Awesome! How do I sign up ?

Drop me a line at