ObaMAFIAA: Got any spare change, bitches?

-by Billco

Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track

Don't you just love hearing "I told you so" ? What were you expecting ? Did you really think because the man is black, he was somehow immune to corporate puppetry ? How about a Mexican ? You dumb fucks might as well elect a Chia Pet as your president, it won't make a goddamned difference.

I'm not arguing the fact that piracy is "wrong". These bastards invented the game, and we are breaking the rules by not paying, which pisses them off. Ok, fine! But explain to me why I could kill a man today, and get off with a lighter sentence than some kid on Limewire. Is that not just a little fucked up to you ?

Americans love their guns, right ? The right to bear arms, as so eloquently stated in your beloved constitution, that rag you've been wiping your asses with every 4 years. How many World Trade Center bombings will it take before you learn ?

Verdict: 10 DEAD AMERICANS out of 10!