Pwn2Own winner, Charlie Miller, is a typical American

-by Billco

Charlie Miller is a security researcher, most famously known for winning the Pwn2Own contest twice in a row by exploiting bugs on Mac computers. He is also what I consider a very despicable type of hacker and a selfish little prick. You can read his post-victory interview here.

He "won" the contest in seconds, by exploiting a bug he has known about for over a year. How very unsportsman-like! But I will quote the golden nugget of the interview:

Did you consider reporting the vulnerability to Apple?

I never give up free bugs. I have a new campaign. It's called NO MORE FREE BUGS. Vulnerabilities have a market value so it makes no sense to work hard to find a bug, write an exploit and then give it away. Apple pays people to do the same job so we know there's value to this work. No more free bugs.

FREE BUGS ? I call it negligence. If he's so damned good at finding bugs, he should offer his services to Apple as a security consultant. Sitting on it for a year, just so he could win a goddamned laptop at a contest, is incredibly selfish and immature. He says he's fighting Apple's corporate tyranny, but really he is shafting the millions of Safari users who were vulnerable to this attack, and still are. He should consider himself lucky that no one else figured out the exploit, as the cost to society could have been huge if it had been targeted by a virus or malware "entrepreneur". If that's not criminal negligence, then I don't know what is.

Most importantly, I am deeply insulted that this guy is regarded as a brilliant computer scientist. He is a profiteer, nothing more.

Verdict: 10 HACKED MACS out of 10!